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Pest Control M. Walshe has partnered with the VACQPACK of The Netherlands to launch VacQPack in India and around. VacQPack is a unique solution that uses a 3 Weapon System which will benefit various products such as Tea, Coffee, Cashews, Pistachio’s, Almonds, Cocoa, Powders, Rice, Wheat, Pulses, Seeds, Herbs, Spices, Plastics, Pharmaceutical products and many other products by offering.

  • Stabilized and controlled moisture content
  • Shelf life extension
  • Non-toxic insect control
  • Different sizes and volumes can be processed
  • Reduction of costs on storage and transportation
  • Mobile and low investment on facilities

PCMW Presents at the TRT World Rice Conference – Manila, Philippines

Pest Control M Walshe (PCMW) along with The International Maritime & Fumigation Organisation (IMFO), UK, presented a paper on “ Food Safety & Transportation of Rice ”

The participants were enlightened on the how to prevent fumigant residues in cargoes, which if not contained could cause problems at the discharge port . Residues are not only Physical but also Chemical in Nature.

Various options were highlighted on how both residues – Physical and or Chemicals can be controlled. A example of controlling Phosphine residues was by the use of Pre-Pack Sachets. Participants were further advised on how High Value Basmati, Homali , Organic, Japonica & Other Rice varieties could be moved safely in containers using VACQPACK.

Successful VACQPACK trials carried for Organic Basmati Rice.

PCMW / VacQPack carried out a couple of trials of Container load’s of Organic Rice to the USA.

The Rice was filled in VacSac’s - 16 bags , sealed, flushed with Co2.3 bags were sealed from the outside - Bag in Bag 19 bags of 1 ton were loaded in a 20 ft container as per customer requirement. The trial was carried out under the supervision of Mr. Sandeep Singhal.

PCMW & UPL Carry out Best Practice Fumigation Demonstration using Aluminium Phosphide

Pest Control M Walshe & UPL carried out a best practice fumigation demonstration at Advanta Corp, a subsidiary of UPL. Advanta Corp. are storing seeds and these seeds need to be preserved to ensure that their yield stays optimum.

The best practice’s demonstration carried out was theoretical and practical, where the participants were explained the principals of fumigation, properties of Aluminium Phosphide, its advantages over other fumigants, it’s use etc.

The team form UPL was headed by Mr. Ujjwal Kumar – Head Fumigants – Asia & India Region and the team from PCMW was led by Mr. Sanjeev Reddy & Mr. Mrutyunjaya Sethy

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