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Eco friendly pest control services

No doubt, pests are a nuisance to us and creates a lot of problems in our surroundings. Thus, it is essential to control them and take the necessary steps. They are very harmful to the health of human beings, due to which people are forced to face many issues in their lives. Thus, controlling the pest becomes very difficult and the most important thing nowadays. There are two ways by which you can control the pests. Among which, one is chemical and the other is eco-friendly. But controlling the pest with the help of a chemical method can be harmful to the environment. Thus, you must use the eco-friendly ways to control the pests.

Controlling the pest by yourself is a very difficult task. Thus, you must hire a company providing you the eco-friendly pest control services. Finding the best company is a very challenging task. Thus, we are here with this article that helps you in finding that. We use a lot of ecofriendly ways in order to help you in solving the problem regarding the pest.

Among all these eco-friendly methods some are mentioned below:

  • Insecticidal soaps: There are all kinds of pests present in the home if the pests start hanging over there. Thus, first of all, we target the pests that have soft bodies. Some of the soft-bodies pests are whiteflies; thrips; earwigs; mealybugs; aphids; and much more. For targeting these pests, we use insecticidal soap because this soap utilizes the salt and fatty acids within these pests.
  • Diatomaceous earth: It is an eco-friendly product that is designed with the help of fossilized silica shells of algae. The major role of this product is to kill the pests by causing them to leak vital body fluids. This product kills the pest which lives on the ground and for that, you need to apply this product on the soil so that the pests can easily consume it and will force to leak the vital fluids from their bodies.
  • Microbial insecticides: This eco-friendly method works by making the targeted pests sick. It makes the pest sick, due to which the pest will get die after some time. One of the biggest benefits of this product is that it is not toxic to mammals and do not harm the insects which are beneficial.
  • Neem oil: It is one of the most commonly used product to kill the pests in your home and other places. We all know that neem has bitter taste and the same as its oil. It also has a bitter taste. Thus, it sterilizes the specie of insects and stops the further growth cycle. The reason behind this is that neem acts as a poison repellent for the pests and deterrent to feeding them.

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