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PCMW: India's prominent Pest Control and Fumigation Company

Pest Control M Walshe is deemed as India's first ISO Certified Pest Management Company which came into operation back in the year 1956. They are one of the oldest Pest Control and Fumigation Company that offer impeccable services at a competitive rate.

Which are the various types of services provided by the Pest Management Company?

Pest Control M Walshe is specialized in offering commercial and residential services to the customers. Some of them are as follows:

  • Borer Protec: It is a type of infestation that can be tracked through tiny round holes amidst the falling of fine dust particles. This could further damage the wood. It appears to be a reddish-brown and dark in color. The above mentioned Pest Management Company helps the clients by replacing the old wood with an expensive one to ensure maximum longevity. Pest Control M Walshe implements a combination of fumigants along with anti-bacterial chemicals. This is applied over the affected portions and acts as a defensive mechanism against the wood borer.
  • Termi Protec: Pest Control M Walshe is currently a reliable Pest Management Company that offers Termite pest control services at an affordable rate. Termites are considered to be one of the major factors behind the cause of damage to massive structures. The company delivers termite pest control treatment to commercial and residential purposes. PCMW primarily takes advantage of Integrated Pest Management to rectify the pest issues.
  • Rattus Protec: Pest Control M Walshe is a top Pest Management Company in India that assist their clients in preventing the invasion of rats. Rodents are held accountable for damaging the household structures. They invade the interiors of a building to munch on leftover food items and would leave behind feces and pee. PCMW incorporates a technological blend of trapping, baiting as well as proofing solutions to eliminate rats.
  • Elimination of bed bugs: Pest Control M Walshe is an authentic Pest Management Company that assists the customers in getting rid of bed bugs. These are commonly found at the nooks and crannies of a building. The company provides bed bugs control services at reasonable rates.

What are the treatment methods used by the above mentioned Pest Management Company?

The internal team of PCMW would frequently conduct site visits by examining the entire property for the invasion of pests. Based on the condition of a building, they would deploy appropriate pest control techniques according to the specifications. Owing to the harmful effect of chemicals, the company would utilize only environmentally friendly products to eliminate the pests.


Pest Control M Walshe is a renowned Pest Management Company who is specialized in delivering residential and commercial pest control services to their clients at a reasonable price. The customers may explore the official website of the company http://www.pcmw.com/ to get familiar with the list of services provided by them. They need not hesitate to contact the internal team of Pest Control M Walshe who provides additional help and support.