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Best Precautions Tips for Corona Virus

Corona virus is a very active virus that is spreading very quickly from one place to another place globally and is considered as a worldwide epidemic. Overall, there are around more than one lakh people who have got infected from this virus and around 3500 people have lost their lives. This virus causes diseases, which is termed as COVID-19. It has become a serious threat for the people and everyone is concerned about their own health along with their family's health and mass public precautionary steps have been released. Thus, we are here with some precaution tips for coronavirus that you must follow if you want to be fit and fine.

Some of these precautions for corona virus are enlisted below:
  • The first and major precaution regarding corona virus is that wash your hands from time to time and do not touch your eyes, nose, and mouth without washing your hands.
  • Keep this thing in your mind that when you go out of the house, then you must have a mask that covers your mouth and nose so that you can protect you from the bacteria that are present in the air. The mask should be of N95 type.
  • If you are out in public place, then use hand sanitizer for the protection from the germs and bacteria but as soon as you entered your home, wash your hands with soap and water.
  • Keep this thing in your mind that this virus is spreading even by shaking hands. Thus, avoid shaking hands from your friends, families and other people, which helps you from not getting affected by this dreaded virus.
  • Do not buy things like medications, diapers, wipes and various others very quickly. In case if you need these kinds of things regularly, then keep sufficient backup with you. Keep the stock of the essential things at your home in order to save your family from this coronavirus.
  • If you are regularly going outside of your house, then keep your shoes, bags, and jackets near your main door so that you can wear them from there and can put off them. By doing this, the bacteria of the coronavirus will not able to enter your home with the help of your clothes and accessories.
  • Change your clothes whenever you enter your home from outside.
  • Keep this thing in your mind that the coronavirus is spreading from people to people. Thus, in order to protect your health, you must avoid those places where the traffic and crowd are very high.
  • Clean your home properly on your daily basis and cover all those areas where you work more.

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