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Weed Control Service in India

Pest Control M Walshe or in short PCMW is a renowned Pest Control and Fumigation Company based in India. Ever since its inception in the year 1956, they were actively involved in rendering Pest control services to metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and NCR. Chemicals used to manage pests and rodents are authentic. They are approved by the authorities for usage.

Cost-effective weed control services

The internal teams of Pest Control M Walshe are currently providing pest control services to commercial and residential buildings located in and around the city of Mumbai. They are sponsored by a rigid system management along with a well-balanced administration. With more than years of experience, the company takes pride in being one of the acclaimed Pest control firms for hotels and commercial hubs situated in the country.
Owing to superior quality and affordable rates, Pest Control M Walshe is regarded as the leading pest management company in Delhi. It adheres to the guidelines prescribed by Indian pesticide. Besides that, pesticides are sent to laboratories to confirm

Innovative techniques and strategies

Integration of cutting-edge methods and state-of-the-art accessories enable Pest Control M Walshe to execute fumigation process. A wide range of prominent hospitals, hotels and accredited business organizations are associated to the company. They have a proven track record and versatility in completing each task. The name of the company denotes responsibility, commitment and dedication.
Pest Control M Walshe is a specialist organization who strives hard in resolving pest issues while encountering environmental obstacles. The company endeavors to eliminate infestation problems by incorporating innovative means of technology thereby making sure that no additional residues and harmful ecological effects.


Fumigant is a type of chemical that is effective in controlling pests. It is a toxic gas that is released into the atmosphere to kill insects.

  • In-Transit Fumigation:- In-Transit Fumigation is carried out at the discretion of concerned experts. It has to be duly recognized by charterers, proprietors. Pay close attention especially while assessing solutions of fumigation. However, experts should be well-informed about the restrictions imposed by banner condition management.
  • Bulk/Bagged Commodities Fumigation:- Bulk food shipment fumigation is a process that is targeted to control pests during packing. For instance, cargoes are fumigated on a regular basis. They use Alloy Phospide which is a type of In-transit fumigant.
  • Containers Fumigation:- Containers Fumigation is yet another process to prevent invasion of pests into containers. It normally arrives in two major dimensions --- twenty to forty feet.
  • Ship Fumigation:- Ship Fumigation involves fumigating the entire cargo containing diverse range of goods including rice, maize, grain and similar agriculture products. Concerned professionals of the company have gained expertise in carrying out the ship fumigation process especially when they are well secured at docks. Each protection methods are carefully examined during the ship fumigation process.
  • Factory Fumigation:-Factory Fumigation process involves eliminating termites and rigid boring insects that could damage the entire furniture placed inside factories and residence.