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Fumigation Services
What is Fumigation, What is a Fumigant & Why should one Fumigate?

Fumigation - very simply put is using a fumigant to control infestation in a particular commodity or place. A fumigant is a chemical which, at required temperature and pressure, can exist in a gaseous state in sufficient concentration to be lethal to a given pest organism.
This definition implies that a fumigant acts as a gas in the strictest sense of the word. (Monro, 1961). Put very simply by The National Pest Control Association of America (NPCA) Fumigation is the introduction of a toxic gas into a space in a high enough concentration so that the gas fills all areas to kill target insects.

  • Fumigants are toxic to all forms of life. Therefore it is possible to control all life stages of the pest.
  • Fumigation is often the quickest way of controlling an infestation, saving time& money
  • Fumigants can reach where sprays, dusts, aerosols etc cannot reach, such as deep into a stack, ship hold etc. Therefore highly penetrating
  • Reduced residue problems in the cargoes..
  • Fumigants are used where standards call for " Zero Insect Tolerance " in products or living environments.

Therefore Fumigation is the preferred and acceptable way of treating cargoes that today are being shipped in large quantities from one country to another, over long distances. As these cargoes are prone to get infested during these long voyages. These infested cargoes on arrival at discharge ports can lead to many problems for the sellers and receivers. A few such problems are listed below.

  • Acceptance of infested cargoes by the Receivers due to insect infestation, and damage.
  • Acceptance of cargo by Quarantine and other Regulatory Authorities at discharge port.
  • Re-fumigation costs
  • Vessel demurrage costs
  • Claims on Sellers by Receivers.

To avoid these and many other problems that could surface due to lack of and improper fumigation, and to ensure that your cargoes reach in good condition, we offer various Fumigation Services such as :

  • In-Transit Fumigation

  • Bulk/Bagged Commodities Fumigation

  • Containers Fumigation

  • Empty hold Fumigation

  • Ship Fumigation

  • Stored Grain Fumigation

  • Factory Fumigation

  • Quarantine Fumigation

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