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Pest Management

Commercial Food & Property Protection

Our Commercial Pest Management Service offers the highest level of Protection to the Food, Pharmaceutical, Non-Food Industries, Warehouses, Offices, Residential Premises etc. We are a Specialist Company who are dedicated to solving Pest Problems while meeting the new environmental challenge to ensure that we provide you with Preventative and Curative method to treat infestation and to ensure that there are No Undesirable Pests, No Excessive Pesticide Residues, No Re-infestation and No Adverse Ecological effects.

PCMW uses the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to solve your pest problems.

Simply put IPM, incorporates the use of all applicable & practical methods of controlling pests to stop the destruction of food & property. These methods include:

(A). Identification (B). Monitoring (C). Sanitation
(D). Exclusion (E). Extermination (F). Documentation

The IPM approach in full or part is applicable for use in any type of facility such as
Warehouses, Empty Stores, Factories, Machinery, Food & Beverage Processing Facilities, Mills, Hotels, Restaurants, Food Service Areas, Flight Kitchens, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals, Path Labs
Ships - Accommodation & Holds, Rigs, Off Shore Vessels(OSV's), other Sea Going Vessels etc.

Ffollowing is a list of Commercial Services Provided by us in Pest and Hygiene Management.

  • General Insect Pest Control

  • Rodent Control

  • Bird Control

  • Termite Control under Guarantee Scheme for Pre & Post Construction

  • Timber Treatment under Guarantee Scheme

  • Weed Control

  • Residual Applications

  • Disinfestation against Stored product Pests

  • Warehouse / Godown Disinfestation

  • Prophylactic Treatments

  • Microbial and Bacteria Sterilization / Control

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Phone : 022-22850615, 22850616, 22850277, 40020615
Fax : 91-22-22040634 Email : [email protected]