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Commercial Rodent Pest Control Services

Rattus Protec :They can cause damage to house hold structures & house itself by gnawing through their elongated incissors anything they come across. We are leading Rodent Pest Control in Mumbai. Rodent, any kind of a lot more than 1,700 residing varieties of animals recognized by top and more affordable couples of at any time increasing rootless incisor the teeth. The result of such types about individual communities varies from undesirable to dangerous. The word rodent indicates rats, mice, and Bandicoot. These are among the most unfortunate metropolitan insects and therefore rodent pest control needs to be a necessary duration of steps. They get into your house, feed on and pollute foods with their feces, pee and tresses, harm merchandise and they are sensible for several disorders. Developed into approximated the fact that Mumbai rat human population reaches minimum a few per person. Pest Control M. Walshe Pest control services an incorporated resolution for Rodent Pest Control in Mumbai.

Their nibbling potential is accountable for design and damage to property, brief construct, that will fire and so on.

They commonly are available the darker and provide you with sleeplessness.

Rodent Pest Control Methods:

  • Exception to this rule (Rodent proof buildings)
  • Trapping – Adhesive panels / Click blocks / Cable crate
  • Baiting - By using Anti- Coagulant Bromodiolene Wax cakes

PCMW Rodent Control Company offers complete and successful rat pest control and mouse control. The latest age RODEX treatment is based on the kind of rodent varieties, the level of pests along with its distributed. This rodent treatment can be a technological mixture of baiting, trapping and proofing solutions as well as an outstanding solution for obtaining eliminate rats.


  • A completely new and impressive rodent repellent treatment created maintaining individual protection in your mind
  • Place particular treatment method programs

Types –

  • House Rat / Roof Rat
  • Bandicoot
  • House mouse

House Rat – Tail is greater than length of head and body. They are seen in and near houses.

Bandicoot – Heavy body with tail less or equal to their body

House mouse – Found near man in the houses & with tail less than the body size.

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